Bud Detox- So Fresh, So Clean


Since the day your plants were born, they have been busy absorbing nutrients to grow and impress you. Over time, your plants will have accumulated excess nutrient salts that deteriorate the taste, aroma, and quality of your buds. Think about buds that won’t stay lit, or buds that burn black ash and make you cough violently- yeah you know what I mean. Bud Detox treats your plants to a spa day. It breaks down and flushes out the buildup of residual salts and minerals, leaving your plants feeling “so fresh and so clean clean.” Bud Detox can also be used anytime to treat nutrient lockout as well. The result? Your buds will be nourished, aromatic, and smooth.

Recommended Usage: Shake well.
Final Rinse: Drain your reservoir and use 2 ml per litre of water.
Overfeeding Correction: Flush plants with 2 ml per litre of water.
Repeat if necessary.
Actual dosage depends on plant condition and strain. Consult our professionals for details.


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10L, 1L, 4L, 500ml


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